Sunday, August 23, 2009

August Birthdays Never Seem To END!!!

August is here and dont i know it ecspecially the week just gone, first on the 19th Mum. Okay best i make her dinner for her birthday oh and we need a cake (cheated a little here bought one).

Next 20th Jeds turn number 4, gets up yah Santas brought
me some presents that took some explaining thinks its great
that Santa is still coming though., out to dinner we go Jed
wanted fish and chips yum. then off to Cold Rock for ice cream
Jed thought this was great.

And then there is Saturday 22nd 12 year old Tani's turn, who is not aloud to pick his birthday cake again as my first attempt at the pirate ship broke apart into two and two hours before the party Saturday i was making cake number two STRESS!!! But in all very impressed with my cake making skills for the weekend.


  1. This is such a lovely photo. Plain and simple, yet the quality just looks amazing.

  2. Fantastic cakes! Don't forget my special day on Wednesday:)